Pre-Modding Contest Discussion

Okay guys, i’ve just started with “The Plague”, another Modding project. My objetive is to get hulls created by the community as like with Praetorian Industries, and i have to say that the First Modding Contest was a great success…

…so, i’ve created this topic to make some questions and give you some answers to know how and when will be the Second Modding Contest =D

Before writting the questions, i will give you some info that may decide from not participating to make you a winner of the second contest ever of this forum:

[size=150]1)[/size][size=150] How much time is going to take the contest? [/size]
It has to be determined, but definitely not more of one month since this contest is a lot easier than the first one.

[size=150]2)[/size][size=150] How is going to be contest? [/size]
At the moment it is going to be conformed by 4 main phases:
1> Pre-lauch Phase - We are already in that phase, we have to determine if we are in good conditions to launch the contest, everything is ready to start it.
2> Entries Phase - In this phase you will send to me your entries and i will add them to the contest, the entries autors will be mantained in secret until the End Phase, to keep it interesting ^^. This will be the longest phase of the contest and the time that it will take is going to be determined by the entries stream, if we see that it is falling too much or it is just stopped, we will pass to the next phase.
3> Voting Phase - In this one, everyone will have 6 votes to give to the entries that they like, you can give so many votes as you like to the entries that you want, but you cannot give more of 6 votes in total. This phase will not take more of 10 days.
4> End Phase - After doing a count of votes, i will post the winners, the number of votes that recieved each entry and who created it. In the first modding contest it was an epic moment ^^

[size=150]3)[/size] [size=150]What stuff are we going to use?[/size]
I will give you a pack of 129 unique bioship/organical sections to work with. (originally sourced from Machine in the Battleships Forever Forum) You can use your own stuff to create the insectoid/beast looking ships, however i cannot guarantee that they will get the same winning and mod implementation probabilities than the entries that were created using the official pack.
Here you have a HUGE shot of them:

Please notice that i’ve reduced the quality of the pic to begin able to attach it :wink:

[size=150]4)[/size] [size=150]How the designs/entries should look?[/size]
There is no limit, you can make your designs as you want. However, i will give you some guidance points, you can apply them if you want, of not, fine ^^

Try to get insectoid looking beasts (not really hard, but i can guarantee that something obscene is not going to even be posted with the rest of the entries.)
Try to avoid repetition of sections, i mean, try to dont repeat too many times the same section in a row. A ship constructed with only one section may look horrible.
Try to avoid making HUGE designs, the biggest Plague ship will not even reach the size of a medium size cruiser! (except for the Hive, that has to be determined). Therefore leviathan and dreadnought-like designs are not needed (i wonder how would look that with just 129 small sections to mix)

Also you can make as many entries as you want whitout even taking care of in wich class are you putting them, that is something easy to determine in most of the cases.
And as last point, you must send the entries to me via PM, with a short description of the beast, the most creative description will recieve a special mention ^^

[size=150]5)[/size] [size=150]There is more of one winner? And how they will be determined?[/size]
Yes, since there are going to be 4 categories to submit entries. There are going to be 4 winners (higgest number of votes in each category), 1 main winner (higgest number of votes in the contest) and i will take in count 2nd and third places for each category and the higher puntuations.
That is:
1 main winner
4 1st places, ie winners
5 second places
5 third places
1 special mention

Also there is no limit when talking about how many categories you can win, if you make more entries, you have more possibilities to win in several categories ^^

[size=150]Here comes my questions, are we ready? Are you going to participate?[/size]
Lets make a small count of possible participants :wink:

UPDATE: Oh yeah, i forgot something important, i need to get this solved in no more of a week, depending on the number of confirmed participants, we will determine exactly when the contest is going to start.
(would be epically perfect if in one week we are ready =D)
[size=50]no pressure :stuck_out_tongue: [/size]


massive freakin’ grin

massive cringe
Are you sure?

lol, i suggest you to first concentrate in a bunch of small insectoid beasts, and then, that holy crap ship xD

This looks … interesting. I will most definitely be taking part (although my mad scientist lab is not really up to snuff for creating insectoid abominations against nature, I will simply have to do my best).

I’ve added some more information to the main post.

Happy to read that ^^
I’m pretty sure that you can do it very well

Ooh this looks fun. I’m definatly going to be in this :smiley: (Hopefully i can win a cookie this time :P)

I’m confirmed for sure. Anyone else?

I might have a go, time permitting. I won’t be aiming to win of course, as ship design is far from a skill I have. It’ll be interesting to see if I can come up with anything though.

Awesome! with that we have 4 brave participants, i would like to know if…

Darkstar (ik he is busy, but just in case)

…and others (im sorry if i forgot to name someone) are going to give at least 15 mins to this contest to make (at least) a single but surely awesome space beast with a possibility (high due the non-high number of participants) of winning even more of one category??

Expecting awesomeness coming from your non-limited imagination =D

I would, if I had any clue how to make a ship. I’m completely incompetent when it comes to graphics land.

its simple, just download some graphic proccesor, i recomend you Paint.NET, its free, and easy to use. Then open all the sections that i will give you when the contest starts, and then, only using copy, paste and movement tools you can make anything you want!
Its the same with all the GSB-based modded hulls that you can see here, its just a skilled copy paste and move sequence :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be sitting out this dance. Between my work commitments, moderating the many Positech forums and struggling to maintain progress with other overdue modding projects, I’m already much busier than I like to be. I wish the best of luck to all who choose to compete.

I’ll give it a try. I just made my first ship sprite for a new mod, but got stalled by hull coding, and this might help me improve my graphics skills.

Guys, i’ve noticed a small problem with the sections, they are perfect to make small ships with just a few, but they are too small, meaning a huge problem when looking at the ship design window, cuz you will get OR a big but very pixelated ship or a small one with a huge empty area around it. This is the only problem at the moment, cuz it is the only moment were the hulls are going to need more detail due the specially high zoom.

In the search to get bigger replicas of the plague sections i found a great program called “Photo Zoom Pro 2”. It works pretty good, but it adds some annoying white or black edges to the sections. This mean that i will have to remove them by hand. And 129 sections doesnt sounds pretty good…
I’m going to start the process (that i think that is going to take several hours), but i’m expecting a nice final look for them… i hope.


Good luck and god speed xD

hehehe thanks man, here is a small preview of the size and quality of the final product in comparision with the original and smaller sprites:

What do ya all think? For me it is an acceptable and usable result of such a big change of size

Well the larger bits look perhaps a tad out-of-focus, but perhaps that’s just what large Plague thingies do. It’s … a natural camouflage ability! Yeah, that’s the ticket! :wink:

I think they’ll work just fine.

You could try poking them with a sharpen tool (GIMP has several variations that work in different ways, your favourite editor should have similar). Over-sharpening looks terrible, but there might be a middle-ground that gives them some nice edges back to the internal detail without going too far.

You have to take in count that i’ve over sized the sections, yeah the detail does not looks too good with that size, but when working with them, the resizing is needed, most of you are going to make them smaller, adding a bit of sharpen and maybe getting a better look.

Anyways, the progress of this is getting long and boring, but i’ve completed the upgrade of one third of the sections.

As fast as the sections upgrade is completed i think that i’m going to start the contest.
How many participants are confirmed? 7? I think that we should be able to start with the contest…

Cen, are you going to participate?

EDIT: 78 of the 129 sections have been upgraded, i’ve managed to remove the edges deformations caused by the oversized pixels, the procces is pretty slow and repetitive, but i’ve managed to speed it up.
As fast as i end with this, the contest will start. Nothing more for now ^^

EDIT2: 14 more and i end with the sections, i will make the contest topic tomorrow, i hope…