First and foremost, awesome game. Unfortunately I only discovered recently.

So I have a basic idea on how to mod policies. (I’ve done 1 ) but now I want to get dependencies done.
I have a policy called “de-urbanization” it’s a govt tax break for companies who locate their HQ outside the CBD.

However, I can make this dependent on tech by using technology as a multiplier but what I want to have is prerequisites. So that this policy is only available IF there is national fibre network i.e. otherwise HQ in the rural area just won’t work.

This game is awesome haha, how do I do this ?


You can have the effect multiply with Technology or a similar parameter.

Let’s say you want the policy to decrease unemployment. Then write the formula as

Easiest way would be to change the de-urbanization policy into a dilemma,
as a policy, you possible could get it running the way you want it by using a background-sim like this,

#,bs,backgroundsim,".",HIDDEN,0,0,1,UNKNOWN,,#,"nationalfibrenetwork,0+(1*x)",#,,,,, and by adding the bs as a “sort of” influence/multiplier

#,du,de-urbanization,default,"..",,20,13,10,7,WHEREEVER,400,20600,,8,0,0,,#Effects,"Unemployment,(-0.5*x)*bs",,,,, the policy would be available all the time, but without national fibre network, all the effects would render 0, if “bs” is the multiplier of every effect

Great, thanks.