Repost: Editing dilemmas

heres some info on how to edit them:

name - used in crossreferencing
guiname - name displayed to user
description - text for dialog box


these are the variables that make this dilemma more or less likely. they are evaluated just like the policies and other information (see other modding posts) so:
GDP,0-(0.7*x) means that at 0 GDP this has influence of zero, at maximum (1.0) GDP, this will have a -0.7 (or 70%) influence on this dilemma (in other words the better the GDP is, the less likely you will see this dilemma).

option0 - self explanatory

option0 effects
these are the effects that take place if this option is selected. these effects are permananet, they do not degrade over time!

hope this helps. if anyone wants to post dilemmas on the forums, feel free! and I would like to be able to add the best ones to the full game if thats ok?