Probably way down on your list of bugs to fix


I read about and followed the progression of GSB with great anticipation. I recently learned of the demo available (have been busy with life, the universe, and everything) and downloaded it today at work onto my tablet PC.

Sadly, GSB goes bonkers on the tablet PC, the mouse pointer on the splash screen goes nuts and is basically unusable. This is a dedicated tablet PC (slate style) and there is no built in pointer.

Plays fine(ish) on my HyperThreaded P4 at home, but I was kinda hoping to play GSB on my lunch break at work on my tablet PC.

As I’m sure virtually no one (well, aside from me) will play this great game on a tablet PC, I’m sure this bug isn’t worth the time to correct/track down/fix.

More of an FYI than anything I suppose.
Keep up the great work on the game, I love it!


When I release version 1.24 (not sure when), please try it again. I suspect it will work fine then.

Oooh, that’s very kind of you! Thank you :slight_smile: