Problem drawing ships

Hey, Cliff, I’ve noticed something odd. My game has stopped using the file.

I was originally concerned that my file modification had done something, so I reverted back to the original file. I even went so far as to rename and–swapping their file names. Nothing works. Regardless of which file I use, it only loads 4 different ship images instead of the full 8.

Any ideas?

Sorry for the “bounce”, but I re-read my old post and realised that I had not been real clear on my problem.

The game has stopped using the “” file. I put the game on my laptop to see if I could replicate the problem. I also did not use the file update that I had created on my laptop, just to maintain a “control” environment. I had to play about 15 or 20 games, but eventually it did it there as well.

What I keep getting is a game with 4 ship models instead of the full 8. When the problem first happens, I changed the file names of “” and “”. This works, but only swaps which 4 ship models the game uses. Any ideas on how to fix this? I can only get my game to view 4 of the ship models at a time.

that sounds very bizarre. I’ll need to investigate.

Any progress?