i downloaded the demo and its a very good game but i had only one problem , the pictures such as the band members or your appearance dont appear , it just stays a black square

thanks and congratulations on the game

Hi, this sounds like you need to update the drivers for your video card, either that, or you have a very old video card that cannot draw all the graphics in the game. what card do you have?

i have a s3 graphics prosavage ddr

size of memory 32mb

i dont really understand much on video cards and drivers so… do you think its the video card or may it be something else?

and also its not all pictures that dont appear some do such as the start where the picture to choose your visual style does appear ,but to choose your character doesnt


The newest drivers S3 has put out for the prosavage was in 2003, I believe the prosavage was an onboard video card integrated into certain northbridge chipsets put out by Via. I would advise going to the S3 website, searching for your video card, and downloading and installing the latest drivers for it. Just double click the file you download and it should walk you through installing the drivers.

i did that , installed it in the place where it said , re started the computer but still the pictures dont appear

anyone knoes what could ive done wrong or how to fix it ?


this sounds like your card does not support arbitrary shaped textures, which pretty much all new video cards do, so unfortunately it cannot be fixed without getting a newer video card (even a very cheap one).