problems on start up!

a week ago i noticed my GSB version was out of date (1.48). i saw a post about a 1.55 version, and got too excited. i fully uninstalled, re-downloaded and re-installed the game, like the post said. now every time the game starts, it goes to a title screen with no menu, and if i click, a window pops up: “a problem with the application caused it to close”.

any and all possible assistance is extremely appriciated… i think i’m going into GSB withdrawal…

I had that once, I’m not sure what caused it but it had something to do with my saved data. Deleting that fixed it (I backed it up somewhere else first in case I needed anything).

I agree, it sounds like you may have some data somewhere in \mydocuments\my games\gratuitous soace battles that references a mod or DLC that is not installed now.
Just rename that folder then launch the gane.

I had that problem, It seems to be caused by installing the expansions on a very old version of the original game, mine was v1.23. I fixed it by reinstalling the original game then launched the original game several times to let the game auto update to v1.55 then install all of the expansions.

Hope that helps Frigate Capn…

Problem now is that everytime I blow up a Nomad Abbadi Cruiser, the game crashes! Hope you dont have that problem. If you do here is the post and hopefully someone will come to our rescue soon: