Quick question

When you switch the grid on during a battle, what’s the scale of the squares? 100 per square?

and while I think about it, is there a unit for those distances? metres? kilometres?

They are 64 meters apart, but drawn in parallax at 85% of the movement of the layers of ships. So basically you can only measure with them if you don’t move the camera :smiley:

Thanks. Couldnt find anything on it in the manual.

What’s the size of the grids in the deployment screen? I’m guessing 128 meters; they eyeball at about twice the size of the in-game grids…

While we’re on the subject, how big are frigate/cruiser shield bubbles?

The size of the shield bubble depends on the size of the ship itself and varies between each class.

The deployment map grid size is 96 meters. An odd size, to be honest, but there you go.

Well the ship’s length’s are measured in metres, and the average length is about 200 M, and the ships are about 2 boxes long, so I think the grid lines are about 100 metres long.