Radiators and other fun tweaks

Two tweaks. One of which is literally just me saying my preferred race and its coloring.

Steps: Take a solar panel. Select the third changeable color thingy. Go to somewhere around the eighth color down on the leftmost color, red. That provides a look that looks something like a radiator that is expelling as much heat as possible from your reactors. It’s a slightly realisticish look for an incredibly non-realistic game.

Zyrtari Coloring
I prefer muted colors for the Zyrtari, if the ships even use coloring at all. I try for opposite colors, such as orange and blue. If I’m doing something like a radar, it has brighter colors. Their pods tend to have very thick (muted coloring, again) windows if they have them at all.

I might try to make a mod that allows for uniform-colored solar panels, but that’ll come whenever .pkgs or whatever the package files are called are editable in some way.