RAMMING SPEED! - Colliding ships


A feature that i think needs to be implemented is “ship collision”.
Basically, a check-box on the map screen or challenge setup screen dictates whether collision will be enabled for that scenario.
Collision would only be between ships of opposite teams - cluster all you want, just be worried about that Federation cruiser plowing into your frail Empire hide.
This would enable thing like kamikaze runs, enable ships without weapons or destroyed weapons to be more than meatshields for the others, and it would be a viable option to counter EMP spamming. Also could come is a new breed of module that adds extra bonus to ramming (spikes), resistance to ramming like hull reinforcements, inertial dampeners to prevent people from ramming your ships out of the way, etcetera.
The collision would be calculated in the most basic way - the weight (mass) of the ship, times the speed (velocity) equals damage imparted to enemy ships. (force).
IT might require a little tweaking to how ships orbit each other in weapon’s range, so they don’t knock skulls accidentally, but you could use this tactic for “barrier” fleets to prevent cruisers from firing on vulnerable weapon banks behind, or trapping the enemy so they can’t retreat through a circle of frigates or such. Unless they can push them out of the way, of course.
The execution could be made simple as well. just create another set of “targets” on the ship, invisible points that signify collision points. If on of these collides with another on an enemy ship, the damage formula calculates damage to each. Of course these hardpoints might need to be big, or calculate barriers between two points.
Fighters would be immune to this rule - they are more manuverable thus would be able to avoid even “solidified” ships. And that would prevent a swarm of fighters suicide bombing vulnerable cruisers.


An excellent idea that adds another dimension to the game. I think the ramming ship should take some damage too - they can only impact so many times before they themselves are destroyed. You could have some great kamikaze style battles there - add an option where a ship will ram another ship after taking x amount of damage


I don’t like it. This is not a game intended for steering ships as if you are in a First-Person Shooter, and (even as an option) your feature could be very frustrating.

The ships must already know how to fly safely, not to mention GSB is not a true 3D game.

My purpose in gameplay is to build a good tactical fleet, not to be dealing with problems about how the ships will avoid each other (friendly or enemy) from collision and then deal with damages caused by collision. Or to have my own formations messed up by trying to evade kamikaze suicide ships. Or to have problems about the pilots who party too much and they are going drunk into battle. :slight_smile:


I do not think it is a good idea ;d