Just got my receipt for the game via email and noticed the 26.97 price tag and thought WHAT! Then checked my Visa bill and noticed nope, it’s £14.54 but the original pricing is oddly in . Then noticed 39p commision charge for changing the into £s.

My question is. Why am I, considering I’m in England and YOU cliffski are based in England, being charged in Dollars instead of Pounds? 39p ain’t much but it’s not the point. If I buy a game where the company is based in England, then I expect to pay in Pounds NOT Dollars, so then there would be no commision fee.

So what’s with the charging in Dollars when you’re England based?

unfortunately almost all online games and software are sold in dollars. if I charged in multiple local currencies, then there has to be an account for each currency, which gets to become a nightmare.
Actually people in the UK are laughing, because I’d like to charge much mroe for the game, but the weak dollar against the pound means it ends up being much less in pounds than it should be!
I get stung converting the dollars back into pounds myself, and dont get me started on how this exchange rate hits things!

You wanna charge more? No offence but I think you should stick with the current price. As I think I’ve said before, I already felt it was a little overpriced for what it is. Considering DefCon is coming out in September, by an independant developer and is only gonna be £10 for the download or £12 for a boxed copy and download. Yes I know you’re not as big as them but then they never charged much for Uplink either.