I bought my copy.

I’m probably FIRST! HAHAA!

As have I.

Me too… somehow BMT Micro magically knew who I was and didn’t even ask for my credit card details; I entered my email, selected Credit card, clicked next expecting it to ask me for them and… straight to “thanks for your order”.

Presumably it’s secured by a cookie I picked up when I bought AI War. Hope they defend against session fixation attacks :wink:

Edit: ok, apparently I selected PayPal, despite specifically not selecting that. Oh well. How much evil could they possibly do with a few percent of £13.31?

If you selected PayPal and didn’t click the “Goto PayPal and Pay” button - you’ve bought nothing :slight_smile:

No, it told me to use PayPal in the receipt email. There was no such link in the BMT Micro receipt page.

If I go back from that page, I find both Credit Card and PayPal radio buttons are selected, heh.

So did I…but it throws an error on start and doesnt work…still totally worth it.

If you’re getting an Error 41 code (like I was), check out the Support subforum here. Setting your clock to a different date/time corrected it for me. Link with details.

But oh yes, totally worth it. Spectacular and highly gratuitous game!