contacting cliffski


I’ve played the demo of Democracy 2 and like it. I would like to buy the full version. However- nowhere on the website does it give a price. I tried to send an email to cliffski using his ‘contact me’ buttons - no go.

I use pegasus as my email program. The ‘contact me’ button fires up pegasus but doesn’t insert the email address. Nowhere on the site does it show an email address.

Could cliffski please contact me?

I thin his email address is [size=150]NOTE: EMAIL ADDRESS ALTERED TO THWART SPAMMERS[/size]. Please remove “BYE” from the email address.

For some reason, the website doesn’t state the prices so you will have to visit the order page by clicking “Buy full version” and click “Get full version {Mac}” or “Get full version {PC}”. At the top, there will be the price in American dollars ($), Brith Pounds sterling (£)or euros(€) and at the bottom there will be an order form. If you like the price and want to buy it now, fill out the order form. If you want it later or don’t like the price, then don’t fill it out. Right now the price is $24.95 but cliffski changes them a lot.

He also reads the forums frequently. This is probably as good of a chance as any to get in touch with him.

But yes, if you click the buy button it will show you the price, it shows it in your local currency, and with currency fluctuations going bananas lately that’s simpler than there being a price quoted in dollars everywhere.

Thanks fellas,

I’ll check through the ‘buy’ option.

Most likely I’ll talk to you again

Hi Cliff,

I sent you an email on the 13th of january regarding a re activation of my account so I can download the game again after uninstalling it. I didn’t get a reply from you yet? My name is Arnaud.


I got it and this is sorted now,

I believe the current price is 25 bucks? 16 euros, other currencies I’m not too sure about.