Religious Group

I know I’ve brought this up already but I have a new reason for thinking the religious group should go; different religions have different positions on things. A number of religious people are against alcohol full stop and the rest in favour of it but not drunkenness and a number are against gambling and a number aren’t and so on.

The general major religions (mainly Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) all have the same basic core ideals. At least politically anyways.

Mostly, Democracy 3 remains a western states simulator. I think that’s really the issue. The game would benefit hugely from different “regional” modes which changes some data, some simulation, policies available and icons.
For example:
Arabo-muslim world: Islam-based religious group and policies (ban Friday shopping; Quranic schools), sharia-related policies, local influence of terrorist groups, oil issues.
Europe: EU-related policies and simulations.

Hinduism also a religion of Indians. They are in a large scale in the world.