Removing a voter group

How can I make a voting groups population 0% constantly? By that I don’t mean like border controls or anything. I want to make them non-existent.

Maybe a hidden event with -100% membership of that voting group? I’m not sure how to do it myself, so check the Democracy 3 modding guides.

For now that I know of there are 8 demography values that are just locked, they can’t be changed (Capitalists, Liberal, Conservatives, Poor, Middle Income, Wealthy, Socialists, and Everyone).

The rest of them can be. Say you wanted to get rid of farmers for example, it would be a grudge script placed in the scripts folder and would look like this.

CreateGrudge(USA Demography,hidden,Farmers_freq,-1.00,1,0);

However policies adding membership afterwards to said group would probably still add membership to said group. However if you have policies that start with increased memberships with x group then have a grudge script that wipes the group out then the grudge script would be stacked on top over the membership increase. Hope that helps.