request to cliff

Please, when you make these games available through other sites I’d really like to see you update them like the games you offer through your site. I bought both Kudos 1 and Rock Legend on reflexive and they’re the first version, not sure why they are not updating them but I can’t use any of the new features offered for the patches, like the hamster or the publicitiy manager, that are released to the positech version, I can only download through reflexive and can’t wait until they have Kudos 2, but I’d really like to be able to enjoy all the features of the game.

Why exactly can’t you download using cliffs site?

For a start Kudos 2 for now and probably permanently will only be available to buy through Postitech Games site and therefore you wont as yet or ever be able to buy it via third party supplier like you could with many of their other games. Secondly the reason updates weren’t and aren’t released to those third party suppliers is it’s too difficult to make patches for various different versions.

I think Cliff is releasing the game to portals - just not yet. Sure I remember him saying that on his blogg at some point. I don’t see what the issue is with buying the game from a portal and not getting updates. Surely it makes sense to just buy it from the Positech website instead? That way you’ll be able to get all the updates anyway and it’s the same price as Reflexive at $19.99.

It will be a while before the game appears on portals, and obviously as the developer I’d prefer if you bought direct. The portals have enough customers as it is!

I’d recommend buying direct as well…less problems with the portals. I ran into problems with the Impulse version of Democracy 2, but downloading Kudos 2 directly from Positech has been just fine.