Respect keyboard layout, please. :)

As far as I can see, the game assumes I have a US (or UK?) keyboard without regard for what I’ve set up my system to.

For people using a Norwegian layout, where the “+” and “-” keys are in different places than a US keyboard, they have to hunt around for them by pressing random keys until something happens. This is a bit annoying while playing.

For me, it’s extra annoying, since I use Dvorak and even all the letters are in non-US positions. :slight_smile: Example of a Norwegian Dvorak keyboard:

To reproduce the situation under Vista (XP is mostly the same, but I don’t have an XP box nearby to check the exact steps):

  • go to “Control Panel” -> “Change keyboard or other input methods” -> “Change Keyboards…” -> “Add” (under Installed Services).
  • browse to English (US) -> Keyboard -> United States-Dvorak, select it, and hit “OK”.
  • Open notepad, set layout to US Dvorak, and observe that typing the keys “asdf” now gives “aoeu”.
  • Open GSB, set layout to US Dvorak, and observe that typing the keys “asdf” gives “asdf”.

It is not that easy to do… for example if he uses the sdl library it always assumes that the keyboard is qwerty. There are some ways around. but I don t know if it would work with all other keyboards.

I use dvorak too, and honestly I prefer when hotkeys stay stuck on QWERTY, otherwise I generally have to remap everything (or switch to QWERTY anyway), since hotkeys are generally placed based on location.

I do agree it’s really annoying when we have to type names and stuff in QWERTY tho. Although I don’t think I’ve ever even used shortcut keys in GSB yet. I didn’t know there was any (except +/-, which I use the numpad for).

Well, personally I can live with it. But, it’s a bug and this is a Beta, so I’m dutifully complaining. :slight_smile:

Also note that some non-dvorak people, e.g. people with french keyboards, will have typing issues.

Maybe, maybe not. I just report the bug and trust Cliffski to decide whether it is doable within his time budget or not.