retreating before placing ships

I think it should be possible to retreat before placing your ships in a campaign battle. If you already know you are going to lose the battle, why not allow a retreat before the battle starts?

One of the reasons is that some single engine cruisers can’t escape in 2 minutes, they turn too slow. On a side note, why is there a maximum of two minutes anyway?

I am having the same problem. Once I send a cruiser to a battle, it either win’s or dies. Even if I tell it to retreat immediately, it can’t turn around that fast.


The 2 minute turn around time will doom any ship that has a speed of less than 0.07
If you wish for your cruisers to be able to retreat from battle, design them with a speed of 0.10 to play it safe
please note that if the enemy is close enough and hits you with an ecm then you can not jump to hyper until the effect has worn off

At a guess Cliff placed this limitation in so that any slow tank ships are doooomed.