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That’ll definatly bring people here :slight_smile:

(In case you don’t know, it’s a review site that often reviews online games, but has been reviewing various games nowadays)

That’s what sent me over this aways.

Yeah, I wrote the review and asked Cliff a few questions before writing it :slight_smile:. I had been following the game for quite some time, and enjoyed democracy before it. We will definately be keeping an eye on Cliff and his games in future :wink:. (as you can see i’m still keeping an eye on the game :slight_smile:)

Just found this, Episode 4 of indie superstar covers both JiG and has a bit of an interview with Cliff (I think). Great coverage, glad to see the game is doing well.

What the hell’s with hidden your identity? That’s just odd.

they didnt have video footage of me… just an email with interview answers

It’s most likely because it’s a lot cheaper to have one of the show producers fill in than to have Cliff travel there or get filmed. The show doesn’t look like a high budget production. Still, Mimi and Sue are cute.