Rock Legend Expanded!

I have now completed my first mod for Rock Legend. It can be found at … d-expanded

It adds:

5 New Album Names
5 New Band Names
1 New Charity
3 New Endorsement Companies
3 New Record Labels
4 New Venues

The Charity is a global warming related charity.
The 4 new venues I have added are 1 small one and 3 large ones. The small one is simply one for making money with. You don’t have to pay anything, but it only seats 25 people and unless your band is perfect, they will hate you! :twisted:
The three larger ones range from a capacity of 10,000 to 50,000 so you get a real sense of being a mega-star. However, the largest one costs $500,000 to rent! Remember to bring a few extra t-shirts! :wink:
I’ve also tweaked a couple of things, including the length of the game. You now play for 10 years instead of 5.
I may add more things later if people want me to.

That’s cool, although I think you have missed out adding to the venues.csv file?

Oops. Sorry about that. I forgot to include it in the installer. If you re-download and install it, it should be ok now.

I’ll give it a go. Have just made minor changes myself… reduced chance of getting a classic to 0.15 and increased the number you can write.

Why does the game crash when I change the venues or the assets files???

How do I install this??

@Turner1988: I don’t know why it crashes. You might have to ask cliffski about that.

@Gondrong: It’s an installer. It installs itself. Just run it like you would if you were installing Rock Legend. However, it doesn’t have an uninstaller so you may want to backup all your files first.

Turner1988 : maybe the editor you use adds odd character endings to the line(s).
What do you use ?

This just adds the stuff,right? Not totally deleting them?

Nice mod realy; adds extras speacialy mid - end game.

Great game btw, simple but creative. :slight_smile:

Could you upload the files, not packed in an installer, so mac-users will be able to install this mod as well. It sounds like a great addition to me, so I would like to have it too.

Ok, put the files into the data folder in the Rock Legend directory:

it doesnt work :frowning: it just says can not display webpage

and i was so looking forward to this, as the end game does get quite boring with no new venues and only 5 years

Ah crap! Forgot I changed my site address.
It can now be found at: … d-expanded
It might take a couple of days to get authorised.