-->> Rules for: Gratuitous Support. • Read before posting •

[size=115]A big “hello” to everyone who has found their way to this game and to this forum![/size]
[size=115]Welcome to Gratuitous Space Battles 2’s[/size]


This forum is where ALL discussions will be located concerning player requests for support, assistance, and overall HELP in fixing something that may have gone wrong in your game install.

In order to help game developer Cliff as well as your fellow forum members, this Support forum has a set of rules which makes it much easier for it to function constructively, and also minimizes any problems which may make your post become lost in the crowd and/or slow to receive official attention.

[size=115]General User Conduct on all GSB2 forums[/size]
Read this before you post

A. ) If necessary, additional and/or more detailed all-forums rules will be posted at a future date.
B. ) However, until that time you are all expected to simply be guided by these two overall principles : use GOOD judgement BEFORE you post, and behave yourselves in ways that really should be super-obvious to everyone.
C. ) Those principles also include — making all of your posts constructive and helpful; promoting good content instead of bad content; staying on topic when you post; no swearing/obscenity/vulgarity; no sexual content of any kind; no inflating your post-count via one-liners or other wasteful garbage; don’t comment on someone else breaking a rule and/or being penalized for it; don’t do anything unwise; and so forth.
D. ) Violations of the principles will be taken seriously. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can casually break these without consequences.

[size=175]RULES for this specific forum —[/size] [size=125]Read them before you post[/size] :
A.K.A., “Help Us to Help You”

  1. ) Do not make posts about GSB2 support requests/answers in any other GSB2 forum except for this one.

This way, Cliff does not have to waste valuable development time in searching every page of every GSB2 forum to find your reports of issues with this game.

  1. ) If you are playing the Steam version of GSB2, please tell us.
    If you are playing any non-Steam version, also please tell us exactly which vendor you bought it from.
    If you purchased the game directly from Positech, then BMT Micro was your vendor.

  2. ) Please tell us what operating-system platform you are playing GSB2 on:
    Mac OS X;

  3. ) Be sure to specify exactly which version number your computer’s operating system is.
    Windows 7 Home Premium (6.1.7601) Service Pack 1;
    Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3;
    Linux Mint 17.

  4. ) Mentioning details about which computer hardware (CPU, graphics card, motherboard, RAM) you’re using to run GSB2 would also help us.

  5. ) When creating a completely new Support THREAD/TOPIC for a game problem, you [size=115]MUST[/size] format your Subject Line as follows:

A. ) Be sure to also include in your thread’s Subject Line the exact point number of the game version/build you are using.

B. ) Example ––––––>>> [size=150]“1.40”[/size]
[list]For your convenience, that version number is the actual, CURRENT one in service. :wink:
The moderation team will keep that example updated every time the version number changes.
Please note that the version number shown here is for the main (Microsoft Windows!) version of GSB2.
NOTE: Arrival of updates for the Mac OS X and Linux versions may lag up to several days or more behind that.

C. ) After you have included that number at the START of your Subject Line, you may type the rest of your subject.

D. ) [size=115]BE SPECIFIC BUT BRIEF[/size] when describing your new Support thread’s subject line. The subject can only hold a maximum of [size=110]52[/size] characters, which also needs to include:

the spaces you need between words on the subject line;
the required “1.xx” game version number you’re playing, plus one space after it;
room for the "[size=115]Re:[/size] " header which ALL replies to your first post automatically receive.
It is much better to type a good, focused thread subject – such as “Ship Customizer: Bloom effect error” – instead of a vague and unhelpful thread subject that only says any variation of:
“game crashed i dunno why plz help thx”
So, please make the effort to help us to help you. Thanks for your cooperation.

E. ) Members who repeatedly fail to write a helpful
Support thread subject-line may receive a warning.
While Support Rule 6 may seem a bit much, it definitely goes a very long way towards helping optimize the use of the game developer’s scarce time, and also save the time of others when they’re trying to find a bug or a solution for one.

  1. ) In the body of your new Support thread/topic’s first post, please be as detailed and descriptive as possible.

IF you do not write in this style, you make it more difficult for us to provide game support and therefore it takes us more time to understand your problem and to correct it.
That means you and perhaps other fellow players are stuck with the problem for a longer period of time.
Once again, please help US to help YOU. :slight_smile:

  1. ) As shown VERY clearly above via the bright purple name of this forum, it is ONLY for Support topics relating to the [size=110]official content[/size] included with GSB2. Any problems with modder-created, unofficial game content are handled as follows:

A. ) If you are having a problem with improper functioning of a mod that’s preventing GSB2 from working correctly, please go to the GSB2 Modding Galaxy forum.

B. ) Find the discussion thread for the same mod that you are experiencing a problem with, and post your Support request ONLY IN THAT THREAD.
By posting in the thread for the mod that you’re having issues with, the mod’s creator will be able to find your issue quickly and act on it.