Saturn Mod 2.0

Modname: Saturn Mod 2.0

Description:“Unser Volk kommt von weit her und kolonisierte den Saturn. Unsere Wissenschaftler entwickelten Nukleare Waffen die den Tod bringen. Mit diesen Waffen vernichten wir die Gegner.”

New Race : Saturn Colony
New Hulls with old Datas: 13 Hulls
New Modules: 6 Modules

I used Rebles Ships and Federation Ships to make the Hulls.

One new fx for (backup it before you replace it) ( Thanks to darkstar076 he made the for me)

Saturn Mod 2.0.rar (72.8 KB)

Pics please!I think you like nuclear weapons? xD You could have it so that your race has a nuclear answer to everything “SIR there firing missiles at us what should we do???” “NUKE THEEEEMMM”

Thats Right. I haven´t got my own Race because i haven´t got my own cool ships [my made ships doesn´t work :frowning: ]

What dosent work about them?

When they start flying they get white.

Check your naming convention for your sprites in your hull file.
The name should match exactly to the file.
Fix thatn and the ships should be fine

Here is a thread were someone had a similar experiance

I needn´t have cool ships i use the rebel, federation and mod ships.

I take it your not going to make a race just modules?

what do you meen?

I think what CptFox is asking is:
Will your mod be a New Race Mod or Extra Modules for Existing Race Mod?

At this time a Modules Mod. Maybe in this week or so i will match some ships from Rebels, Federation to my own new race.

Rebel/Federation combo would probably look really great! looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Maybe i will bring some new Modules in :
Power generator, NEVRA Nuclear Engine, Crew Pod, …

Yer sorry if I wasn’t clear there thanks darkstar, I agree with ponyus they would look very cool, specially with nukes up every spare space and missile tube there is :smiley: hell even the crew could be nuclear xD?

Nuclear powered robot crew xD or something like that.

I will make Greaman descriptions. Is it a problem for you all???

Is it clear that i will bring the ships witch are cool in my own Race. I can´t make Combinations because it´s doesn´t work at this time!!!

I´m Ready.