Saved Game Location?

Like the title says, where are the saves located for this game? (I’d like to put this on another of my computers but would prefer to keep my mission progess/unlocked modules intact and not have to re-earn them all over again.)

try My docs\My games\Gratuitous space battles

I checked there but didn’t find anything that looked like a save game of any kind.

Well, what do you mean by saved game anyway?
If you mean unlocked scenarios (and thus races), it’s in the sc.dat file.
Custom ship designs are in the ships folder of the afforementioned directory.
Unlocked modules and honor points are in the unl.dat file.
Saved deployments are in the deployments folder.

If you want to save your progression, those are the files to backup I guess.

Well, the simplest approach would be to simply copy the whole folder, as that will give you the same game state on the new system as you have on your current on. If you want to be more selective, you can copy a variety of different things, which will give you different results.

If all you want to copy to your new machine is the scenarios you have unlocked, copy the file “sc.dat”. If you also want to have the your honor and all the modules you have unlocked, copy “unl.dat” as well. (Those files are both plain text, despite their .dat file extensions, so if you are curious you can open them in notepad to see what they say.)

If you want to have access to your ship designs, saved deployments or default orders, copy the “ships”, “deployments” and “orders” folders, respectively. You can also be more selective and only copy some of the files in those folders, if you want.

There’s also some stuff in the “web” folder related to challenges. I’ve not investigated it closely, but I suspect that some of those files include data about how the challenges you’ve played, and perhaps the ratings you have given.

Hopefully I’ve covered all the bases.

[edit] Bah, I typed too slow.

Any way to change this? I can’t find the path specified anywhere in the game files, so I guess it’s hard-coded. I would have liked to locate all of these on my flash drive so I could go back and forth seamlessly between laptop and home computer.

it’s specified by windows - it all goes into “My Documents”

if you want to set up file synchronisation (if you paid micro$oft enough money to turn on those lines of code), you could probably do it easily enough.