[Scenario] Jam Map Pack (Very early WIP)

[size=200]Jam Map Pack[/size]

( All the content in this post is talking about work in progress and doesn’t show the finished mod )
( Expected release date is between yesterday & december 2012 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Everybody loves obliterating their enemy’s fleet and many mods here grant their users many new scenarios where you can happily blow up that mod’s fleet.

What if there’s anyone out there who wants to blast the original ships in a new scenario without having to play a challange?
What if someone wants to blast Rebel, Federation, Imperial and Alliance ships at the same time?
And why the heck the enemy is always sitting at the RIGHT SIDE waiting for you to come?

For the reasons above I’ve created this scenario pack which I’m calling Jam Map Pack.

(Note: I am aware that some mods have been imaginative when deploying their fleets and that it’s somewhat exhausting creating new scenarios)


The pack contains several new scenarios against the oficial races. Scenarios with DLC races will have to be installed through separate installations because not everyone has every existing DLC. Each scenario has its own short story made by me (at this moment I won’t be putting any of those here :stuck_out_tongue:).

The avaiable scenarios are in different categories with the following tags to give information about them:
FC: Fleet cost
PL: Pilot limit
ER: Enemy race/s
SL: The scenario has supply limits

  • Convoy assault maps (Enemy at the center scorting one or several VIP targets. Deployment is the whole area)

·· Unnamed D: - FC: 25,000 | PL: 50 | ER: Federation
This one is pretty much finished. I just need to get the name and finish testing to see if it isn’t a complete cake walk.

·· More to come…

  • Sneak attack maps (Enemy facing the opposite side from where your fleet warps. Deployment really close to enemy fleet)

·· The siege of sirius - FC: ------ | PL: 300 | ER: Alliance
I only have easy dificulty done. I also have to extend the variety of the enemy’s fleet, at this moment it seems to be excesive spamming of a few ship designs. Hell, I seem to be unable to get some variety with Alliance hulls.

·· More to come…

  • Ambush maps (Commonly known as “It’s a trap!”. Enemy fleet attacks from the rear side of your fleet [Don’t hack your ships angle in deployment!!] or it comes from several sides. Deployment is close to enemy fleet)

I haven’t worked much in these category of scenarios due to having already some of them in mods and a lack of decent Rebel designs from my part.

  • Battlefield maps (Enemy is everywhere and completely disorganized. Deployment is the whole area)

This ones will be posted when I have decent designs for all races (and when I buy Nomads).

  • The last stand maps (Classic survival scenario. Enemy can come from anywhere. Deployment may vary)

·· The battle for Taergracs - FC: ------ | PL: ------ | ER: Alliance, Empire, Federation, Rebels, Tribe, Order, Swarm, Nomads
With the memory problems gone, now I can finally work in my massive survival where you face every existing ship in the game. This one is going to take some serious time to finish.

·· Arena (Not final name) - FC: 5,000 | PL: 1 | ER: Alliance, Empire, Federation, Rebels, Tribe, Order, Swarm, Nomads
You can only use one ship and it needs engines to come to the Arena. Here you’ll be facing different waves starting from individual cruisers which will evolve to small fleets until your lonely captain falls.

·· More to come…

  • Challenge maps (Scenarios which are meant to be a true challenge; fleet costs, anomalies, etc. will be against you. Enemy & deployment may vary)

·· One man army - FC: 5,000 | PL: 1 | ER: Alliance, Empire, Federation, Rebels
You only have one ship and you have to take out a whole enemy fleet (well it isn’t that big at this moment). I want it to be HARD. Of course engines are required :stuck_out_tongue: Only easy is more or less done.

·· This. IS. SPARTA! - FC: ------ | PL: 300 | ER: Empire
Guess what is my intention with that name :3 It’s hard to get this one done because you have to face a massive enemy fleet. Oh, and I haven’t even finished with easy difficulty ¬¬. As NEMESIS suggested, I’m testing 150,000-200,000 costs for this scenario. I never said this would be released anytime soon.

·· More to come…

Revealed scenarios are the ones which already have a working text file. Unrevealed ones will be added later once they exit the concept zone. I still need to have a look for new backdrops that haven’t been used in existing mods.

To anyone wondering, NO, I’m not stopping my work on 3xper1ment4l. This is just one of my thousand mod ideas and one of the few which I have put effort in getting ingame.

Feedback and suggestions for existing and new scenarios will be appreciated (consider I’m only using oficial ships and modules).

Good job, i always thought about some points u named in your post and is always good to have new scenarios to try em out, specially considering doing scenario / scenario deployments is not as funny as it seems -.- the only scenario i dont like is… THIS IS SPARTA! -.- 500000 fleetcost limit is toooo much, and there is not a good thing to having 30 ships on the screens, the game will be slower than usual, u will be fighting for about 2 hours to kill the fleet and with the new mods, it will too easy to kill 40 rebel ships with only 6-7 dreadnoughts with stronger weapons, the fleetcostlimit limits the fleet the player can use, it doesnt matter with the fleet u put on the ai deployment zone, so i think around 150000 should be fine (with that ammount of fleetcostlimit u can put A LOT of original race ships, believe me xD).

i agree with nemesis but…

This is Great!!, i will love that maps! and more important, i will love to have that maps xD
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Just one question…
How do you make maps?

Some cool ideas here, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

In terms of backdrops what were you looking for? I made a handful for HV but I have at least one I didn’t end up using. I’ve since realised the resolutions should ideally be higher (it’s 1200 x 1200), but it’s yours if you want it, here’s a thumbnail:

1200x1200 is tooooo low resolution of a background. 1600x1600 is still small for me, i usually have all my mod backgrounds over 1600, if the map is small in size, u can use 1200x1200 in a background, but only if the map is really smal… if not, i dont like to see a pixelated background on the game xD (its just an opinion). But yep, that background is good, it is a shame that it only has 1200x1200.

Yes, I know is really excessive the cost of that map. For now I only have a big enemy fleet from spammed designs to see how much can hold the game. Considering I want it to be challenging I’ll look to a lower cost limit (like the one you suggested) to find a decent balance between having to use many pilots but not allowing to bring many of the expensive modded badass ships :wink:

Well any backdrop that hasn’t been used in other mods would be appreciated. 1200 it’s pretty small in comparison to the default backgrounds (2048x2048) but it could serve for a small survival scenario I’ve just thought of today.

I’m asking for backdrops because I’m really busy with my own mods, but if I get some free time I will google to see if I find some.

I’ll upload some videos from the scenarios so you guys can see how they are (and give feedback about them).
Damn, Youtube doesn’t like stuff bigger than 2GB D:
Umf, I’ll upload this thing to my xfire, 1h aprox.

Gah it didn’t take that long because xfire compresses the video automatically. Here is a vid for the first convoy assault map I’ve done (expert difficulty). Better watch in fullscreen despite the compression lowered the quality of the video.


Yea that assault map seems to be funny ^^. About backgrounds, try searching in the nasa site or just use google to find images of universe art, earth images, panoramic views etc, and then if u want modify those images with some img editor like gimp, aplying lights, deform effects, etc… if u use google, dont forget to search images “larger than…” so u only get high resolution ones. But be aware this is the method i have to find images and i have a lot of em !! u will be pissing off my found images !! hahahahahaha (im joking).