Seed and RNG for Big Pharma - 2 Questions:

1)Wondering if we will ever have the ability to see (and input) the seed for the RNG (Random Number Generator)
for Big Pharma. This is presuming there is some RNG that decides some of the variabilities in each new game.

It would be nice to be able to replay a particularly easy (or hard) game and maybe even pass/compete to other
players (“This seed is so easy - started w/ X&Y ingredient and Z catalyst is in 1st desert exploration, plus I
got the wimps Chan and Leonard as AI’s”) or (“so hard, X ingredient wasn’t until sub-zero opened and the Z catalyst
was buried in Deep Ocean, plus those monsters Barclay and Tess were killing me”).

  1. Is this the complete list of ‘randomized’ items in each game?
    Starting Ingredients (and effects)
    Ingredients to be discovered (and effects and catalysts)
    which AI(s)
    Building Layout and Ports
    World Events
    Max Concentration for effects (w/in predefined range)

I think some other minor things are like Max Concentration, (random w/in a range) - starting cost, base value, cure rate, etc.