'Shared parental leave' unavoidable crash

Disclaimer: I’m running the game on Linux via Wine. However, given that the entire rest of the game runs utterly flawlessly, I’d say this is still worth investigating?

When presented with the ‘shared parental leave’ event, selecting either option causes the game to crash. As there’s no way to progress without selecting one option or the other, here ends my first playthrough :frowning:

I had the the happen when running natively on windows, definitely something wrong with that dilemma in particular.

Are you able to tag the post with alpha feedback?

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Great, thanks - I’ve changed the tag.

The same thing happens with the ‘Ban E-Scooters’ event - both options crash the game, no way forward.

Gah. I fixed the first one in 1.02a (if you re-grab the installer, you get that version). Will fix this one too…

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Transgender soldiers also cause a crash

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thanks, fixing that one too…