Ship Design "Ship List" suggestions

This thread contains 3 suggestions, all of which relate to the window that opens when you select “Load” in the “Ship Design” menu, but the first is the important one.

Ship Design “Ship List” filter

It would be nice not having to be able to have access to my “Rebel” ship designs without having to search through a mess of “Tribe”, “Empire” and “Swarm” ship designs. Sure I can sort by faction, but then I have to find it, which is difficult given that it’s one of my smallest lists, with only 3 ships so far, and somewhere around (But not quite) in the middle.

If there was a way of filtering the list (e.g. “only show Rebel ships”, or “only show frigates” or even “only show Rebel frigates”) through some sort of drop-down menu, that would be nice. (Similar thing could also be useful for the Hull Chooser.)

Display Hull Type in “Ship List”

The “Class” column takes up a lot of room for such a small entry (at my screen resolution, anyway). Listing the hull type would mean I wouldn’t need to open up and look through all my ship designs to know which hulls I have and haven’t used; I will be able to see at a glance. “Rebel Midgard Frigate Hull” would only be listed as “Midgard”.


It would be convenient if the hull sizes (Fighter, Frigate and Cruiser) had identifiable symbols next to them, but that’s only because at a glance I get Fighter and Frigate mixed up. Could be used for faction types though, that would be cool. o3o

I second the Ship list filter

for the race thing, if you go into a scenario and then go into the ship builder, you can only open hulls from that race

but if you want to alter a ship you have previously worked on, you will get a list of every single ship, irrespective of race.

I’ve done some of what you ask (for the next patch). The design loader now includes the hull type (sortable column) and the dialog box itself scales to fill most of the screen if you have enough designs.