Sort by ship hull

I’ve only just got this game, but I’ve got a little niggle with designing ships. I know that they are organised based on their brand/faction, but this is a little annoying. I want to build a frigate, so I only want to see frigate hulls, or at least would like them grouped as such, so I can easily go through them and compare. Whereas now I have to scroll down the list, having to differentiate between fighter and frigate, as well as trying to remember the stats of the others to compare with.

A forum search couldn’t find anything, but I’m sure something like this has been mentioned before. Or it may already be in the game, I don’t know. If it is, please point me in the right direction!

In the drop-down menu for selecting a hull, the ship hulls are clustered by race:

Tribe (if you have the Tribe expansion)

Within each race the hulls are clustered by ship type:


Each hull is identified as to its class (Federation Fox Frigate, Alliance Shark Cruiser, etc.) with the exception of the Imperial Weapons Platform, which is classified as a frigate.