Ship orders/behaviour suggestions

Have an “orbit” order - so it’ll orbit when it attains optimal. Otherwise those frigates with lovely fast engines just stop in space and go boom.

Have some way of specifying how far away to look for targets? :-
I have a fighter squadron who’d rather (80% over 20/30) kill fighters. Start the battle, and it hares off - past 4 incoming packs of fighters, to die fighting a cruisers escort.

Have protect be able to target a class of ship? [fighters - protect all missile cruisers]

If I have a tree of escort links, and a middle-node is destroyed, do its escorts latch on to the ship it was escorting? t’would be nice

Possibly a little more sense in gunners - there’s no point firing round after round of heavy plasma at that swarm of fighters. especially with the nice big cruiser over there. some sort of likelyhood-of-hit calculation that can modify or override the prefered target code?

10 frigates chasing 1 fighter is not sensible… it looks like one frigate was the target of the fighter, and it was retreating (?) possibly… though it wasn’t set on cautious. another 10 frigates (un escorting/formated … 1.01 version) were following it with their deleted ‘attack fighters’ orders and using heavy plasma.

this behaviour only finished when the fighter eventually killed its target, and flew back to the main fleet.

the only way i could stop this happening was to load up on anti-fighter frigates to kill all the fighters ;/