Simulation variable questions


Mainly targeting this post at Cliff.

:question: Can simulation variables (Crime, Air Quality, etc) be added as a text file mod or does this currently require modifcation of the main CSV file? I’m assuming CSV only but it never hurts to double-check!

:question: Is there any way to create inputs for a new simulation variable without having to modify any other CSV files? Situations have both inputs and outputs listed in thier own file so we can create new ones at will without modifying any of the default data. But at the moment I assume the only approach is to modify the CSV files for every policies that you want to have an effect on your new variable?

I realise that Simulation mods seem to be rare - I think Interest Rates is the only one so far - and there was a request for a International Comparason or HDI type variable which I had considered starting but ultimately I don’t want to spend time making and release a mod that is difficult to install or becomes out of date with a new version or might be installed by a user using a new version and break offical changes, etc.

Yes you are right, you need to edit the csv, plus the inputs cannot be entered in that csv. Hoverer, this is all rubbish, and you are quite right, I should be able to provide mod support and inputs within that csv. I shall make it something that I put into the next patch of the game, because it is a bit unforgivable really.

It seems to be quite rare today to not only have a developer that readily communicates with their user base but is also committed to improving and refining the software in question.

Thanks for all your effort - it’s what makes this game great!

Okay, you’ve mentioned this modification has been made in 1.11 - thanks for that. Two quick questions:

:question: I assume the txt file should be placed in …My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\simulation ?

:question: As for the inputs is this simply an additional column containing “#” after the outputs followed by columns for input? (I ask because this would mean inputs/outputs are in reverse order to situations, but if you match situations it maybe would have screwed up the current layout)

I think they are the same order in both situations and simulation, inputs first then outputs.