Some help please

I purchased democracy 2 a few days ago, very pleased, although I only got re-elected once :blush:

Anyway, I learned about modding and have checked out some of the nice mods here. I decided to make my own and so far I can make very basic dilemmas. I know how to code them, but can anyone give me some of the basic “commands” (inputs you use)? And any greater clarification on it is appreciated.

And my second question, for some of the mods I need to go into Microsoft Excel. Since I cannot use Microsoft Excel (I use Microsoft Works), is there any way for me to apply the Excel things? Such as sliders or groups or whatnot

Anyway, thanks, Peace

You do not have to use Excel, notepad will suffice. Csv files are simply like text files with records separated by commas.

in fact, if works has a spreadsheet option, it can probably load and save csv files.

DreamTwister, what exactly do you mean?

You can edit csv files with Notepad, although it may be uncomfortable sometimes.

But I would open the policies csv file with “open with” notepad?

Right-click filename.csv, select Edit.

Never mind, I got it.