Small UI suggestion

I see there have been a fair few small but valuable changes since I last played the game. (It’s been a few weeks.) One of these that I really like is how, when you hover your cursor over a graph showing where you are on a situation (e.g., uncompetitive economy), a tooltip pops up telling you what % value your country is presently on.

However, what would be a further awesome addition would be if you could also hover the cursor over the red & green lines for start / stop triggers for the situation - and it would give you a tooltip for what the % value for the start / stop trigger is.

That would help with trying to work out how much action I need to achieve a given goal.

I know Cliff reads all these posts, so can I take this chance to say thank you to Cliff for taking the time to give considered & balanced responses to suggestions / points I’ve made in the past. I hope this one helps (I know it would help me!)

Another thing that would help me would be an option to turn off the animations - especially the lines linking policies on the main screen - as my aging graphics card / laptop doesn’t seem to be able to cope with the game reliably now - even when I lock it to 60 FPS (especially as each version of the game gets more intricate)! I’d rather not buy a new laptop just yet! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m sure your concerns will be addressed soon in some manner.

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If you drag the UI animation slider to as low as possible under options, it will really speed things up for you!


What a star! Thanks! Reducing that to min and unticking ‘lock to 60 FPS’ seems to have really helped! Looks like I had totally misunderstood how to use the UI Animation Duration setting…

Would be great if you could make % value tooltips on start and stop trigger lines on the graph happen too :blush::blush: