So, there's some 3D work to do for GSB2?

I recently found out four things.

  1. GSB2 is a thing.
  2. This forum is a thing.
  3. New 3D models for GSB2 don’t seem to be a thing.
  4. For my next few weeks, “stuff to do” and doesn’t seem to be a thing also. (DF2014 is looking a while away, and my Cacame Awemedinade cosplay will only take a couple of hours due to it’s codepage437esque nature)

The last time I had an excuse to do challenging work was sometime last year, and I didn’t even get to do any proper modelling.
Any planned ships needing creation?

Indeed it is - I take it you have been reading Cliffskis Blog ?

More than that, its a very friendly community :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I wouldn’t say that . .

While i can not speak for cliff - your skills would be most welcome in the Modding arena.

In GSB we had a rather active community which designed and imported all kinds of ships. At its peak there were 2 competitions held for modders to create ships for community mods.

I read the entire GSB2 tag on the blog.
Also, reverse-image searching that picture yields nothing.
Are you a tester?

The image was from this forum :slight_smile:

Not at the moment, but if Cliff asks i will not say no :wink:

Hello there, not sure if anyone is still around :slight_smile: … I was (really late in the life of the game :slight_smile: ) thinking about buying GSB for IOS… I have an iPad Air and was wondering if the DLC was included …or the campaign… I know that at first it wasn´t but maybe it get there later…