Some ideas for the game.

In unit design, there should be a way to categorize the units(by divisions) so it could be even more easier for the eye. What I mean is it would be great (I think) to be able to select between divisions(with tabs for example) so when we want to create units for a new/old division and check what units we created for it does far, will only show the units for the currently selected division. Also when we create a unit there could be a way to save it/put it in to a devision right of the bat.

My second thought is to give a negative accuracy eff for the extend range perk so the rockets for example won’t be that powerfull.

Also, a new perk which gives faster shield regeneration but lower range, could give a few other ways to go around.

and some ideas for new weapons

“Shield generators” - for heavy tanks and heavy turrets. In a small area (much like the repeair truck or command truck) would project a blue aura (shield) and when units under it would take damage, this unit takes all the damage. Can’t have much armor. When the unit dies it will damage nearby friendly/enemy units

“Missile scrambles” - also for heavy tanks and large turrets. In its area of effect, all the missiles are nullified (miss).

“Debuff Truck” - all enemy units in its range will suffer in accuracy and firing speed penalty.

“Field engineer” - Foot soldier squad which repairs nearby units. (Like repair truck, but this one can drop tags for the defender, and a little faster than the repair trucks)

“Desintegrator” - Large turret, big area of effect. Slowly drains Armor and Interior health of all enemy units. But no effect on shielded units or infantry.

Some cool ideas there, I shall give them some consideration when I’m working on new stuff :smiley: