Some remarks...


I bought the game a few days ago, and I’m very pleased with it, but I’ve got some remarks to do :

  • the saving system is really not terrible, first of all, the keyboard is in qwerty mode, whereas I’ve got an azerty one, and there’s no easy possibility to overwrite a previous saved game (or have I missed it?). And finally it’s not easy to access in game, I’m forced to go to the main menu to save, a simple save button on the bottom bar would have been a good idea I think!
  • I would like to be able to see figures on the graphs representing unemployment, air quality, GDP,… Sometimes there’s really little variation and it’s hard to say if it’s going up or down…
  • maybe a recap of what have been done on the current turn would be good too, I know that memorizing some policies modifications is not very hard, but sometimes, after having watched the state of a dozen of policies, I don’t remember wich one I’ve changed!

That’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll see plenty of other things in the course of playing :slight_smile: