Sorry it's so easy, VERY EASY

Warning: I’m Brazilian and I speak Portuguese, so I’m using a google translator

I believe that many who played Democracy 3 must also be going through the same situation.

The game remains very similar, and unfortunately this brings some problems. The game ends very quickly, perhaps because it is based on turns, which forces you to take quick and radical actions, and making the election arrive within 10 minutes of play (4 or 5 years should mean something).

I start the game by cutting expenses in such a way that I can get reelected (this is possible even at 200% difficulty), with spending cuts the public debt falls (it is possible to pay 2 trillion dollars in 8 years (ie, in a few turns) and after that, the game is won forever because you can do whatever you want.

My suggestion is to add as much and more realistic mods, they make the game better and PLEASE make the time go slowly and that the creation/change/deletion of a policy is gradually slow. THE GAME NEEDS TO BE SLOWER!!

I almost forgot the main thing. It’s very easy to reach the maximum GDP, with liberal and capitalist policies, the GDP goes up in a way that the graph doesn’t even follow (it’s a straight line at the top of the graph)

200% difficulty should mean something

Anyway, thanks, your game is awesome!


This is why mid-game situations is suggested. It shouldn’t be all on the statics controlled on what can’t and can go. It should be things that can hit randomly like the pandemic!

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It’s not “It’s very easy to reach the maximum GDP, with liberal and capitalist policies”, it’s more like as long as you don’t use extreme levels of taxation or capital controls you are going to have high and even maximun GDP.


That’s not the question. This maximum GDP should be higher and harder to achieve


Can’t be higher - everything scales between -1 - 1 or 0 -1


First up, welcome aboard! Great to see you here!!!

I believe @cliffski mentioned he was revamping the way GDP would scale so that it was harder to achieve the maximum result. I think the idea was to switch from a linear model to an exponential, or switch the inputs accordingly.

Also, what do you think of making turns one month in game time instead of 3 months? Maybe there could be a “game speed” which reduces the effects of policies accordingly?


Perhaps some kind of voter complacency mechanic might help? If you do well in the beginning of your term then naturally people will like you, but if you start coasting then people will begin to have lowered opinions. This forces the player to be actively trying to maintain popularity instead of just waiting for debt to go down to zero. By doing this we might also increase the time it takes for debt to be eliminated since the player needs to enact more spending more often.