Sounds disappearing after few minutes.

Hi. I’ve got the full version (Final 1.13), and when I load a game, after 20 seconds or so, all the sounds disappear. No rain, no interface sounds, no little "hmm"s in the background, etc…

I am using the Kx drivers (3537) for my SB Live! 5.1, so I suppose it may just be that.

Additionally, I have a dual-monitor setup (Nvidia 6600GT) and if I run it in twinview mode, after 10 or 15 minutes mouse clicks in game are occasionally ignored., i.e. I’ll have to click down on an interface element twice or even three times every now and then. This problem goes away when I switch to single-monitor mode. The sound problem remains, though.

Another problem with twinview, is that if I want to run the game in a window, the first time I uncheck the fullscreen option in the option screen, it will go into windowed mode, but the window will be maximized over my desktop, when the game’s resolution is actually set lower than my desktop res. If I try to play the game this way, I have to click the mouse above and to the left of the buttons to press them/get them to light up. This problem is fixed by quitting the game and reloading, at which point it loads up in windowed mode at the correct resolution. It may be relevant that my two monitors have different resolutions. My first monitor is at 1280x960. This is the monitor the game loads up on. My second monitor is at 1024x768, which is (coincidentally?) the resolution of the game. Again, the game loads up on the first monitor (1280x960), not the second.

I am using the latest nVidia drivers (91.31).

Anyway, hope this helps; the game’s quite fun even in fullscreen/one monitor/no sound mode, so I’m happy.

If you need/want any more information from me, I’d be happy to help.


Hi, I’m afraid the game isnt designed to work with multiple monitors. the sound bug sounds like it just runs out of channels, which will probably be a driver thing. we sue FMOD as our sound engine, which is used by hundreds of games, so its more likely to be a sound driver issue than a sound engine one. Let us know if changing the drivers fixes it.