Steam -invalid cd key when playing at work

I have bought the game from steam.
I can successfully go online with it at home, but when I try to do so on my machine at work it gives me “invalid cd key”.
Obviously otehr steam games can be played anywhere I can log in.
What is the cause?

Is it that I can’t use it in different locations or is it my work’s network?

This is not a case of the keyboard entry problem I have seen elsewhere.

I’ve had this problem all along but it’s become more of an issue since I got the campaign mode.

In all other respects I have really enjoyed this game for ages now.

Hi, it doesnt matter thats its from another PC, almost certainly this is some sort of firewall issue blocking the game. Don’t take that error message too literally, it basically just means that the game didn’t validate the key online, which almost always means it just couldnt connect to the server.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Cliffski
I’ll try and bribe the IT department.