Steam Workshop New Countries: India and Republic of Cyprus

Hello everyone. 've created a version of India, and an attempt version of the Republic of Cyprus after the 1974 turkish invansion.
They can be found in the steam workshop (links provided below)

India: … earchtext=

Republic of Cyprus: … earchtext=

In both mods i included new names for the ministers.

Incase the names dont work here is how you will fix them:
Go to Steam\SteamApps\common\Democracy 3\Cyprus\Data\names

And copy-paste the cyprusnames.txt file to Steam\SteamApps\common\Democracy 3\data\names

Same for India, just replace the indianames.txt
Big thanks to the Democracy 3 development team.
Any bugs or errors please post them. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I attached the files for non-steam users. There is an installation guide inside (readme.txt)
Republic of (511 KB) (564 KB)

“Over 9000 (while scouting)”. Hee hee, I get the reference.

For the benefit of non-steam players, do you have the raw files available for us to make them available from the positech modding site as well? If so, that would be awesome, I can put together installers and list them here:

Sure, i attached them on this post. I will put them in the first one too, i have added an installation guide too (readme.txt) :slight_smile:
Republic of (511 KB) (564 KB)

Cool, I’ve uploaded both of them here:

The India mod crashes every time and is no longer working. All other mods I have are working. I do not have the Cyprus Mod.