Step by Step

Okay. I’m trying to add a policy.

First I wrote out the code:
#,SexualControl,Sexual Control,SexualControl,“In the past, age of consent was much lower (usually to reflect the lower average lifespan). Today, age of consent is considered a hot topic as things such as paedophilia awareness becomes more widespread. Normally, age of consent is set around the same age one is considered an adult but more lenient measures are sometimes introduced to take into account biology and the difficulties of preventing it happening anyway. Some incredibly repressive regimes require a person to obtain a licence before intercourse, citing Darwinism as the justification.”,UNCANCELLABLE,25,25,25,25,LAWANDORDER,0,500,2,0,0,#Effects,“Liberal,0.30+(-0.10*(x<5))(-0.15*(x>4))”

Two things before we go on:

  1. No, that is not all it dose. I wish to test effects in-game and alter them based on experiance. A Trial and error approach if you will.
  2. I fail at math :frowning: What I’m hoping that equation means is that if the slider is set below five it uses the first option and if it’s set after five the second. But as I said, trial and error.

I put that code here: democracy2\mods\data\simulation\policies

Next I created a slider:
#,SexualControl,5,No Age of Consent,Age 14 to Consent,Age 18 to Consent,Age 21 to Consent,Licence Required,
and put that here: democracy2\mods\data\sliders

Then I created a .png file and a .dds file with the name icons_SexualControl used for both. The .DDS is ABGR8 with no minmaps created and no compression used.
I put them both here: democracy2\mods\data\bitmaps

When I load my game, it crashs and informs me it could not locate texture files. What am I doing wrong? (besides trying to regulate sex :P)

Hmm…I’m not great at modding, but during my own attempts I had similar troubles. Have you tried changing “#,SexualControl,Sexual Control,SexualControl,” to “#,SexualControl,Sexual Control,default,”? This would rule out the slider as being the issue, although I can’t detect a problem in the code. Also, try making the internal name and slider name lower case, all other policies seem to use this.