Stockpile output speed

For most items, the stockpile output speed is sufficient to keep the production slots stocked. The issue is with valves. The stockpile will be refilled with valves from the import line easily, however, the stockpile output is too slow(only item in it is valves), so that the valve production slot is always flashing insufficient resources.
The transfer of parts from valve-only stockpile to Fit Valve is slow enough that the line runs faster without any stockpile, just getting parts from the import line.

when i last tried to solve the problem with the valves with the help of a stockpile, i got the same problem…right next to the slot i had a stockpile with valves only…and it always had problems with the ressources to be transfered from stockpile to the slot. And the normal importer was usually faster.
Valves are the slowest slot in my production line, because of insufficient resources.
Hope this will be fixed. Cause in this case the stockpile dont really makes sense.

We’ve run into this problem with valves as well. It takes more than 4.4 seconds to bring in 8 valves. Consider perhaps making the input “a pair of valves” to cut down the number needed to 4 instead of 8?

I am aware of this problem. Unfortunately importing multiple (or fractional!) resources would cause code chaos at this point, but I am aware that it needs to be fixed. I do wonder if valves should always be treated as pairs, for example, so they represent 2 each, and thus cars need 4, not 8?

In the medium term, I would rather replace valves entirely with ‘engine’ and allow the player to have a separate production line for engine which then just inserts the engine into the car. That allows more flexibility and complexity when it comes to engine design. I suspect that is the better fix.

Well, if we manage to get engine assembly cliff, how about 4, 6, 8? for V4, V6 and V8 engines? Maybe, as a preparation?

I think going to the item being “a pair of valves” would be great. You’d be able to have a 4 cylinder engine take two of them, a 6 cylinder engine take three of them, etc. I can’t think of a situation where you’d want to split that in half, so no coding issues I can see.

It would also solve the issue of valves being more components by number than most of the rest of the car.

+1 on the pair, that would cut down on time, and not have need to rewrite code to handle fractions.