Stop Import

How can I stop the import of things, which I produce myself?
Is the only solution, that I have to build an extra conveyor belt and destroy at the same time the old one to the import slot?

And can I export my self-produced accessories? The workers say “no export room”?

Since they order stuff from the closest provider (import/manufacture station) I have placed the manufacture station between the importer and the car slots. I also keep the import networks separated.
If my design is done right the closest provider in at least 9/10 cases is the manufactering station.

Ah, O.K., so all comes from the nearest provider, import slot or own production.

Dear Developer, I think we need an import-stop-button. That would make it easier.

Yeah this needs to be addressed. I don’t want to import seats if I am making them myself.

You can do this already now. If you updated the game that is.
You can click your station and select an option to only allow local so that station will not request any parts from the import anymore. Or you can select it to prefer local, this way that station will only use the importer if there is no items locally available.

Yes but if you have a stockpile and say you want door panels on it, it will import them…

Sounds to me that what you are looking for is the ability to select where items come from that go into a stockpile, which is not an available option. Not a bad idea in my opinion.

Ah, when it comes to stockpiles that idea was opted many times and I believe Cliff is working on implementing it.
A work around you can use now is to now have said stockpile connected to a line that is connected to an importer.
So you have a line from importer to the manufacture station and then have a separate line from the manufacturing station to the stockpile. This way the stockpile is completely unable to draw items from the importer.

This was mostly fixed in last weeks update, if you research Import Priorities, at each station you can set items to use “Local Only”, this means they won’t import at all.