Stop the production in a specific station


I just got the game yesterday and it is pretty cool. And good support since today is already the next patch available.
Thanks to the develeoper.

Maybe I didnt found out yet or it is not impemented yet, but is it possible or will it be possible to stop the production in a specific station, when the others still work?

And maybe the same for the conveyers, cause i got the problem that i got Production in 4 Lines. In 3 there were modes waiting to get Build and the 4th Line was empty and production went there, until i deleted a conveyer then the 4th Line worked.

Sorry for my English, its not my main language, but i hope you understand me.


Hi, I think I understand, you basically want a pause button on a slot and on a conveyor?

This is a great idea.

Let’s say I want to break down body assembly into all the individual parts. But I also want to clear the backlog of vehicles coming into the old body assembly station. If I could turn the chassis off at the end of their assembly section I could clear out the queue before rebuilding.

Currently the best case scenario still ends up losing you one in-process vehicle, being able to just stop production at a station would resolve that.

I suppose this could be done artificially by cutting the import line for that station as a temporary measure.

yeah, thats what i mean. A Pause Button for the conveyor and for all slots. That would be nice when you change something in production.

And is it possible to change something how the cars are distributed over the conveyors?
What i mentioned before. I have 4 Lines…3 are busy with a few cars waiting in line and the 4th Line dont works.

This sort of pause button would be great

Pause at a slot would be Ideal. Especially when trying to expand Fit Engine over to all the individual components. What I do now is delete the cnveyor after the chassis build, letting the rest of the production run out to I can clear that spot to make the upgrades.

Maybe make this a researchable option, as well as conveyor switches (so it forces one car each direction at a junction) bi Directional Conveyors, so when you have that huge backlog at the paint area waiting on Drying, it can move the next car to the open dryer, not always the closest (Not knowing how you have coded the conveyors to work) this may be very difficult.

But more on that in the research thread. :slight_smile:

But being able to turn off, or on, at individual slots would be magical. I’ve been working the tight budget scenario, and I am working on expanding the fix engine section now, but the backlog at the current Fit engine has alot of money tied up in stock and cars in production. So I run 10 cars through the chasis section, then delete the conveyor. Trying to work that last 60k to keep afloat.

Yes a stop production option would be good. I currently have the issue where I want to feed lanes off to other stations but cars are in the way and they keep coming. I know if I draw over those lanes now those cars get wasted and deleted.

I agree a very much needed feature. Maybe add a machine start and stop buttons like shown for most big machines on the slot dialog. Green is pushed in by default and mans the slot is running. Push the red button for stop.

A pause would be nice but event just completing the current car and then not start the next car would be great when we need to stop the assembly line to make changes. For graphics when zoomed in, have the yellow lights blink red when in stopped mode. When zoomed out a bit have a red octagon stop sign to show where the assembly line is stopped.

I just delete a conveyor belt piece in front of the station I want to stop working.

Well that is the only way to do it now is to delete a conveyor. If I am trying to fix a bottleneck issue it also results in the deletion of one or more already built cars. The start/stop at a slot is a nice quality of line improvement to the game and also more realistic to how large assembly lines stop conveyors when an issue occurs.

I also would like to have a stop production button for each station. Please make it visible if the production at a station is stopped.
The station should not consume power anymore.

I have to concur.

To be able to stop production at a specific Slot without the cost of loosing a car and replacing a conveyor would be a great improvement.

Perhaps even an additional slot like an in-line QA. A ‘check slot’ that has the option to stop production manually (Red/Green Stop/Go buttons in the GUI ) and will also stop production if the car has a part missing.

…and doesn’t every factory (or at least each piece of machinery) have an emergency stop button somewhere?

Small workaround here would be deleteing one of the material conveyer thing.
If you do that on the Chassis Assemble one cars won’t be produced anymore after 2 or 3 runs and the backlog will clear after a while.
Pretty easy to do at the Paint-Station too and you don’t loose to much, especially already build cars…

A STOP/GO Button would be optimal though :wink:

I would also like to have a “Stop production” button on each Slot. This is needed to tweak the production Efficiency and to get cars out of the way for redesigning the factory layout.

As long as this is missing, deleting a piece of conveyor is the only Workaround. But this is anoying, as it costs Money and often you loose a car.

I have to agree on this one although i’ve only played for an hour or so.

I bought this game because it looked like it would suit me very well. I have a degree in production management and Lean production among others and i’m hoping to be able to apply these skills in the game.

The possibility to stop, or even better, slow down production on individual stations would make “takt time” management a whole lot easier and if nothing else, closer to reality which to me, at least, makes it even more fun. :slight_smile:

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