Strange Crash, Missing Files? - OSX, Steam

I know this is probably the wrong target audience for my problem. AFAIK Red Marble provides Support for the Mac version of GSB but they didn’t respond to my email (waited for more than 24 hours).

Anyway. I just bought the GSB Expansion Galactic Conquest via Steam just as I saw it’s available for OSX now. After downloading and starting the game it immediately crashes with a popup mentioning “Ship Hull not found ->order_temple_cruiser:/…” (picture attached). After Crashing to the Desktop there’s a popup with a detailed error code. (no txt or pdf file attachment here :(, so a pic has to suffice)

Do i need to download/buy the other expansions too (the missing file seems to stem form one of the expansions)? Problem is i already bought the game and all the expansion from Red Marble but got the steam version of GSB in one of the Christmas sales. So i thought it convenient to buy Conquest for steam. I’m a student and don’t want to pay for the expansions all over again…

Or is there another problem? I already verified the game cache but it tells me everything’s ok.

BTW I’m running 10.6.7.


Just for other with the same Problem. I found a solution by MYSELF (no help here or from Red Marble sigh)

Seems some GSB files were left on my HDD even after removing the non-Steam version of GSB a few Month ago and those files were causing the problems. After several reinstalls i just tried installing the non-Steam Tribes/Order/Swarm-Expansion. They somehow integrated themselves into the Gratuitous Space inside the steamfolder and the game run without any further problems. I noticed there were old ship designs available from the time i played the non-Steam version of GSB. Perhaps those leftover files were referencing the expansions i didn’t have installed with the steam version and that was causing all the fuss.