[sug] Boarding parties.

Classic scifi thing here, a drillship that launches and punctures the hull of a target ship.

A module that fits on frigates, that is a single ‘shuttle’ full of space marines. When drillship is launched, acts like a fighter.

Attempts to engage with enemy ship without shields, and if successful begins boarding combat. Drillship cannot engage if shields are up.

Each marine = 4 crew members

Each crew member that is killed does damage to an internal component, and the ship suffers a penalty to movement speed and firing rate while on board combat comtinues.

Ships with only droid crew are immediately captured, and turned friendly.

if a ships entire crew is killed, the ship is captured, and operates at 50% firing rate and movement speed.

Go Orz!

nevermind, saw this has already been suggested! Kudos.