[Suggestion] Allow fixed seeds when starting scenarios

I’ve been really enjoying playing this game with my wife recently, but one feature we would really like is the ability to specify a seed for the RNG when starting a scenario. Allowing us to play exactly the same scenario would let us directly compare our setups and help each other out with line layouts while still being able to play separately. Being able to set the RNG seed could also have huge ramifications for competitive play since the only difference between players with the same seed would be skill level - ideally, the seed would effect every random number in the game, so if I exactly copied the seed and input of a Youtuber, the game would play out identically.

One implementation would be to make the seed a global option in Game Settings, so players who don’t care would never have to think about it and players who would like to set a seed would just check “Enable Fixed Seed” or whatever and specify some string as the seed.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome game and we look forward to future updates :slight_smile:

(related to viewtopic.php?f=49&t=14248, but formatted more as a suggestion)

That’s a really interesting idea and would be relatively easy to add in the form that you suggest. I love the idea of playing sitting next to a friend and playing out the same level (as you do with your wife) and comparing lines. :slight_smile:


I’d love this, too.
Isn’t saving a game at the 1st day pausing the same effect? (then you copy your savegame file to your wife).
All ingredients is randomized at the beginning not when they unlock, right?