[Suggestion] Kissing machines can be placed (but not work)

One thing that I’ve found mildly annoying is that even when I am placing machines for storage, I can’t place inputs next to outputs. It seems rather silly that I have to worry about that when I’m not putting any drugs through those machines anyways. I think a better way to do it would be this:

  1. When someone places a machine kissing another machine, a warning message pops up: “Machines will not work without belts between”
  2. If a drug comes through and gets to the spot where the machines are kissing, the first machine refuses to output the drug (as there is no belt outside).
  3. [optional] Make a warning flag pop up over the kissing machine when it is unable to output (kind of like the flag that pops up when you name a drug) to make the problem visually obvious.

That way you can place machines kissing, but they won’t work, solving the issue of storing machines kissing. You’ll see the warning pop up a few times, but it will still let you place them.

Good idea

I’ll second this, since “storing” machines that you don’t intend to use at the moment is cost effective, but needlessly difficult at times.