[BUG] belts won't move to export without machines attached

While trying to swap the pillmakers on my one line to a creamer, I moved the machines out of the line which caused the belts from the pillmaker to the export door to stop moving. So I had to cut off the feeder belt, put a pillmaker back, and then wait for the belt to move the remaining pills to the door.

I find this a bug, because if the belts are connected to the export door, and loaded will pills, they should attempt to move the pills to the export.

The same issue is elsewhere too. If you don’t have a machine with its output connected to the belts, they don’t like to move no matter what is on the other end of the belt.

Also if you have a T-junction on the output end of 2 pill makers, where one is the wrong way around, I’ve found several times that the belts get stuck and even when turning the machine the right way around the belts don’t resume moving. I assume because the belt tried to stick the pill into the pillmaker and then got confused. I believe the routing code should recognize it’s not a valid option and just go around the misplaced pillmaker.