[Suggestion] Modding options

I know, it’s waaaay to early for this stuff (it’s an early alpha after all)…
But browsing through the gamefiles showed some (kind of) easy modding options for this game. I managed to add another upgrade for the cars, a gold-frame (because why not :wink: ) with some easy modifications to the gamefiles. But the next patch will certainly revert everything back to the default upgrades.

So here my suggestion:
Add something like an overwrite folder to the game, that can contain modded files. When loading, the game skips the original files also present in the overwrite folder.

Or the game could merge files with identical names.

yup, modding will be easy and strongly supported, I have plans dont worry :smiley:

I have tiny request in the same direction: could you print out the line number when the XML Parser is crashing? I spent quite some time manipulating save files to track down bugs or to fix corrupt saves, and it gets a bit wearsome that the game tells you that a certain tag is missing - but not where.

The last save-crash (with a missing tag-error) only saved ~a third of the file.
So unless you want to re-write ~1mb by hand, there were no chance to repair the save