[Suggestion] More diverse challenges

Race for the Cure

The VIP Trip. The president is dying of a high-level disease. Everything is researched, but we need a treatment that cures X, and we need it within the month. Also, we only have this tiny space to work in. The business challenge goes out the window in exchange for an unusual complication: the fewest total steps possible, regardless of cost.

The Philospher’s Stone. All of the catalysts are available in one and only one ingredient.

Don’t say the Z-word. Raving infectees are causing chaos everywhere! Develop a cure with X,Y, and Z effects! You start with a supply of explorers and scientists, but they randomly disappear and can’t be replaced!

Packing Problems. Develop a top-tier cure within X years. Only one factory is available. Similar to VIP Trip, except more time is available and you need to produce more than one batch.

Lol Dissolvers are for newbs. Dissolvers, Evaporators, and pill presses aren’t available, but you start with Ionizers, aglomerizers, and creamers.

Dank Nugs: Everything is legal, including selling sugar pills with maximum-strength hallucinations as a “side effect.” Some side effects have a positive value in this mode.

Sandbox: everything is unlocked, there’s no goal, and you can’t run out of money. Finally test those crazy production lines you’ve been thinking of!

Mirror Word: Machines are mirrored- they have reversed chirality where relevant.

Up-and-Comer: Your rivals start out with a whole suite of medications, and they have most of the tech already researched. Is there room for an ambitious newcomer? You start with a nice stockpile of cash…

Welcome to Beltland: Although all cures are available, the only available way to change concentration is the two basic machines. Luckily, there’s plenty of space. Produce three high-level cures.

Buyin’ Large: After X years, sell more total treatments than any of your rivals.

First, Do No Harm: In X years, provide Y treatments of Z level with no side effects.

First, Do Some Harm: In X years, provide treatments for Migraines, Hypertension, and Sleeplessness, and sell medication with the side effects of causing migraines, increased blood pressure, and insomnia. (Or similar causes-the-thing-it-cures medicines)

Use Every Part: One resource includes four cures. Produce four separate medicines within X years.

Monopoly: Run all your rivals out of business.

Results: Cure EVERYONE with a particular illness.

Is the president some despot or beloved leader, ala Madagascar’s King Julien?

I posted a way to unlock everything (requires some file modification) in another thread. You can give urself all the $ to start u want and reduce the cost (of most) things.

Also - the upcoming “custom” games may allow many of the scenarios you’ve proposed.